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This Box of Shortbread is for the customer who knows what flavour they like. And are not content with just 1 dozen.

This box contains 24 pieces

approx. 480 gms.

We only offer this size box in a few flavours. The following are the best sellers by far.

Scottish Shortbread  The best buttery shortbread bar none.

Flakemeal Or Oatmeal Shortbread  The addition of Oatmeal to this cookie makes it a spectacular taste treat. The butter really is the hero here.

Lemon Shortbread This shortbread has the addition of Lemon Zest to give it its lemony flavour.

All of our shortbread is made by hand in small batches. Richard mixes it until it is just the right consistency and then it is scooped, pressed and baked.

These flavours start with the same delicious shortbread recipe and the flavour comes from the ingredients added.

We do not use artificial flavours or oils.

And oh yeah the ingredient that makes it so good is the butter. You can’t use anything but good butter if you want good shortbread.

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