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You can order tea from as little as 50 gm. To as much as a 400gm. bottle, that can be refilled when you run out.

* 50 gm. bag      $5.00

*200 gm. bag   $18.00

*400 gm.           $30.00

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Good Tea Tastes Better

Tea has changed dramatically in the last few years. There is much greater awareness, of tea and the health benefits that come with tea consumption.


4 & 20 Blackbirds are delighted to bring you some excellent choices, and some of the best quality tasting loose teas, on the market today.  


Specialty teas are also becoming more sought after, along with the accessories to brew them.

We now carry over 100 different teas and numerous items for storing, brewing and consuming our quality tea.


Thank you very much for giving our product your close consideration. We know you have made an excellent choice.


Contact us with any questions or concerns. We will try to help you any way we can.



Tea is a continuous crop. It takes 3 years to grow from a cutting to a tea bush that will produce leaves each day for another 50 years. This is a good thing. A tea estate absorbs more Co2 than it emits. Drink tea and help save the planet