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What makes our luxury flavoured teas stand out from the rest? Premium leaf, 100% All Natural flavouring: Pure flavouring oils with no chemical residue or aftertaste. Our teas are sourced from premium ETP certified estates and our chemical free process means they taste great and are good for the Earth at the same time.


Buckingham Palace: Flavoury with medium body. Delicate Earl Grey and Jasmine notes; bright with golden coppery colour. Perfect for afternoon settings.


Cherry Almond: Deep cherry flavour with almond notes. A dash of sugar enhances the flavour and offers a smooth, silky character.

Chocolate Mint: Fresh lively mint combined with full flavoured chocolate tea. Wonderfully reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. How Decadent!

Cinnamon:  Mildly spicy with red heart cinnamon flavour. A refreshing and tongue-tickling tea.Coro

Coronation Blend: Full flavoured with a hint of muscatel and honey-like Camomile. Cup is bright with a golden liquor.


Earl Grey:  An unbelievable aroma that portends an unbelievable taste. We have been told repeatedly: “This is the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted!”

Earl Grey Cream: If you are an Earl Grey lover, you have found a new vice! Our flavoury Earl Grey mellowed with  delicious creamy taste.

Ginger Peach:  The piquant and spicy character of ginger is mellowed with the sweet character of peaches. Try it iced and become a believer!


Irish Cream: Creamy smooth character that evokes thoughts of the Emerald Isle. Lovely with shortbread cookies.


Lemon Ginger: Lively and flavourful ginger notes peeking through the sweet lemon character. A delightful tea.

Monks Blend: One of our most flavourful teas. The dramatic combination of vanilla and grenadine ensures a particularly satisfying cup.

Prince of Wales: A regal blend best served in the afternoon with scones. Full bodied with delicious hints of black currant.

Raspberry: The full raspberry character. Try adding a pinch of sugar to accentuate the flavour.

Vanilla: This rich and thick flavour evokes a warm welcome home! A dash of sugar adds to an already delicious flavour.

To Brew these teas. Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil. Place 1 tsp. of tea for each cup into infuser, place in  pot. Add boiling water, cover and let steep 3-5 minutes and remove tea. Add milk and sugar to taste. Acceptable to consume “straight up”.