Shortbread Flavours


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Ontario Farm Family Owned Since 1990

Our Shortbread Sleeves Contain 12 pieces.

This handy sized box lets you try many flavours! You don't have to buy a big box of one kind. You can try flavours you never have. This lovely hard plastic box holds 1 dozen cookies.They ship well and there are a multitude of flavours.

Traditional Scottish Shortbread  The best shortbread bar none.

Oatmeal Shortbread  or (Flakemeal) The addition of Oatmeal to this cookie makes it a spectacular taste treat. The butter really is the hero here.

Chocolate  Contains Processed Dutch Cocoa

Chocolate Pecan  Contains Processed Dutch Cocoa with the addition of roasted pecans.

Chocolate Hazelnut  Contains Processed Dutch Cocoa with the addition of roasted hazelnuts.

Lemon Shortbread   With lemon zest

Lemon Lime Shortbread  With lemon & lime zest

Lavender  Contains Lavender buds

Toasted Coconut  Contains Toasted Coconut

Almond  Contains Roasted Almonds

Hazelnut  Contains Roasted Hazelnuts  

Pecan  Contains Roasted Pecans

Specialty Shortbread


Empire Biscuits  (2 scottish shortbread with raspberry jam between)

Maple Biscuits   (2 scottish shortbread with maple icing between "real maple syrup folks! (seasonal)

Lavender Raspberry   (2 lavender shortbread with raspberry jam between)

Hazelnutters   (2 hazelnut shortbread with nutella between)

Chocolate nutters   (2 chocolate shortbread with nutella between)

Marmalades   (2 scottish shortbread with seville marmalade between.)