Some of our Shortbread


Gift Boxes

Contain 24 pieces

Approx. 480 gms.


Contains 12 pieces

170 gms.

Thistle Rounds

Contains 1 Round

Approx 180 gms.

4 & 20 Blackbirds

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Our Famous Shortbread

Our Scottish Shortbread (by far the best seller) is quite well known throughout Ontario. This 500 year old recipe has wide spread appeal. When I was a young bride I remember attending a Brownie camp as a leader. One of the other leaders (A Scot of Course) had baked a batch of shortbread, and had brought it with her to camp to share. I remembered thinking it was the best shortbread I had ever eaten. It sure did not taste like any I had eaten before. Every time I saw Scottish Shortbread I bought it trying to find a comparable shortbread, to no avail. While looking through an old Scottish cookbook, I came across a recipe that I thought looked easy. To my surprise it tasted just like the shortbread I had eaten at Brownie camp so many years before. I have made it ever since.

All of our shortbread is made by hand in small batches. Richard mixes it until it is just the right consistency and then it is scooped, pressed and baked. And oh yeah the ingredient that makes it so good is the butter. You can’t use anything but good butter if you want good shortbread. Over the years we have added new flavours to the repertoire. We have added ingredients to this recipe such as oatmeal, lemon zest, chocolate and ground nuts.We have dipped it in chocolate and topped it with nuts and recently have introduced a cocktail shortbread (savoury not sweet). No matter what the flavour, the result still remains the same. IT IS DELICIOUS.

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Specialty Shortbread

Contains 3 - 4 pieces

Approx. 180 gms.

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     -     Almond

     -     Chocolate

- Chocolate w Hazelnuts

- Chocolate w Pecans

     -     Flakemeal (with oatmeal)

     -     Hazelnut

     -     Lavender Shortbread

- Lemon

- Lemon Lime

- Orange

- Pecane

- Scottish Shortbread (plain)

Savoury Shortbread

     -     Cheddar & Chive

Specialty Shortbread

     -     Short of Nothing ( dipped in

  Chocolate and Roasted Pecans

     -     Orange Dreams (an orange

   shortbread dipped in chocolate)              

     -     Shortbread (with maple icing “real  

   maple syrup folks! Seasonal)

     -     Lavender & Raspberry (2 lavender

   shortbread with raspberry jam)

     -     Hazelnutters (2 hazelnut shortbread

   with nutella

All orders are double checked and numerous steps are taken to avoid shipping damage. However, we are only human and from time to time damage can occur. Shipping Cookies is a tricky business. If you don’t pack them just right you get cookie crumbs. STILL GOOD but not exactly optimum. Don’t let that stop you from ordering cookies, we do ship them. .