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Our Gift Boxes   Contains 24 pieces / 480 gms.                                          

These are new to us this year. If you have been here before you will notice that we don't have the beautiful Brown Corrugated bags with the window any longer. Unfortunately they have been discontinued. However we do have this lovely hard plastic box that holds 2 dozen cookies. The upside to this is that they ship, where the other one did not. We don't do many flavours in this sized box just the best sellers.

Shortbread Flavours

Scottish Scottish

Oatmeal Shortbread (Flakemeal)





All of our shortbread is made by hand in small batches. Richard mixes it until it is just the right consistency and then it is scooped, pressed and baked.

These flavours start with the same delicious shortbread recipe and the flavour comes from the ingredients added.

We do not use artificial flavours or oils.

And oh yeah the ingredient that makes it so good is the butter. You can’t use anything but good butter if you want good shortbread.