Thistle Rounds

Our Thistle Rounds are 180 gm. stamped with a lovely thistle. They are then sealed in a cello bag and placed in a clear gift box, lined with tartan paper. The perfect Item to give as a gift.

We only make these rounds in our


There is nothing Plain about them!

Sleeves of Shortbread

Our OOurves of Shortbread Contain 12 /23 gm. pieces. They are packed in a cello bag and then placed in a clear gift box.  They are labeled with ingredients and Nutritional facts. We are offering them to you in 5 different flavours.

     *     Scottish Shortbread (Plain)

     *     Lemon Shortbread




We Start by sending you a package that is complete with information for you the organizer, as well as information and pictures for those selling our product. It includes an order form that can be copied to send home with those who are selling.

Once you have finished selling and have collected the money, tally your total number of cases per product and complete the master form provided for you. Your order must be in full cases. If your total items for any of the sleeves does not come to a full case multiple we will allow mixed cases. (For example if at the end of tallying you need 10 Shortbread, 4 lemon, 6 lavender & 4 chocolate, we will mix these to make a full case.)

Thistle Rounds must be ordered in full cases.

Once you have filled out the master order form please call or e-mail us your order. Remember we have to bake your order so we will need 3 weeks from the time the payment is received to get your order baked, packaged and delivered to your door.

Our preferred payment is cheque, money order or bank draft.

We deliver all items to your school or organization. Delivery is free for over 6 cases, but under 6 cases we will charge for delivery. Please contact us for the delivery fee.

Please Contact Gayle for a copy of our

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pricing information

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Phone: 519-695-3634