4 & 20 Blackbirds

Ontario Farm Family Owned Since 1990

We continually have people ask where we are located so they can pay us a visit.

Sorry we currently have no retail space, and do strictly Mail order, Wholesale and Special Events. Go to our Events page to see where we will be in the Province.


Mailing Address

30020 Clachan Rd.

Bothwell On.

N0P 1C0



Four and twenty Blackbirds is located just outside the small town of Bothwell, in Southern Ontario. Gayle and Richard moved their business approximately 10 years ago, from the original family homestead established in the 1830’s to their heritage home. The health inspected bakery resides on the second floor of their home. “It makes it wonderful to go to work. You don’t have to shovel the snow to get out. You just go upstairs and you’re good to go. The only drawback is carting things up and down stairs.”


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